24 May 2011

Interview: DJ Animus

Interview with DJ Animus

Genre(s): ”Hard Techno but I use Hard House and Dubstep among others to help make the set as entertaining as possible.”

Inspired By: “Surprisingly enough, its not the big time superstar DJ’s its the local heroes and whispered legends of rave like SMILEe and Bass Rokwell.”

From: Brooklyn, NY

When did you start mixing: ”While I was stationed I Japan in 2003 while I was at a club in Okinawa Japan. It was very underground. I found it completely by luck, just walking around Naho and I heard house music. I had to find the source and I came to this alley way with a door got charged 2000 yen and was let inside and holy shit, it was like the sullivan room on crack. I kept going back for more and one day I made a connection between the DJ and music.I wanted to know more about what had happened so I asked and he took me under his wing.Been hooked ever since.”

Favorite DJ: ”Heather Hart ranks up their for sure but then you have DAVE the drummer, Adam X, Boris S, Manu Kenton, The Space DJ’s (lets see who knows that duo!) So many good DJs for different reasons, hard to pick a favorite.”       

What’s more important to you, how you sound to yourself or how others enjoy you:  “I think its about staying true to yourself. If people happen to enjoy your sound then you will go places. But if you simply play the beatport top ten and play what everyone else wants to hear, whats the point?”

How long did it take you till you liked what you were hearing: ”The second I put my hand on a turntable for the first time.(I got lucky) I knew from the very begining that I was in love with techno. It wasn’t till 2007/8 that I went overboard and became obsessed with hard techno though. I’m still coming to terms with my popularity as a DJ its never been about the fame, I just love mixing.”

Favorite rave: ”Idk the name of it, but it was fucking epic. It was in Japan and you had to take a ferry that was your only cost for $20 just for the ferry to a an island off the coast of Okinawa (up by camp gonzalez, thats the Naho area) and we partied on the beach under the moon for a whole weekend with sound that embarrasses anything NY is fucking with right now, lighting was amazing, visuals were absurd…and the DJ’s…just wow” “
NYC wise, I’d say supernatural 3, in SMILEes stage.I lost my laptop spinning in the rain cause SMILEes turntables crapped out due to rain damage but I had to make the sacrifice to keep the party going.I dont think most DJs would do that, my laptop got fried in the rain, its in pieces in my apt ;b, but I was able to buy SMILEe enough time to fix the tables. Over 600+ ravers were dancing in the rain, it was beautiful.”

What are your next few shows coming up: MASS RESURRECTION, Glow July 3rd, and going on tour with Hard Dance Nation from July 13th- 17th in Colorado, and many more

Who are some major DJs you’ve had the pleasure of spinning next to: “Irene, DJ Rap, Space Girl, Heather Hart, Rob Gee, I battled John Bas at an outlaw and I’ve shared lineups with other great talents, but so have others.”

Any specific DJ you would wish to perform with in the future: “DAVE the Drummer most definitely, I would also love to go back in time and play with Bam Bam and If I could I would love to tag with Boris S (one of my fav producer/dj’s).”

*Fun Fact*  What’s an important factor about DJing you would like to touch upon to the public: ”The fact that older DJs refuse to embrace the newer technology and shit all over it, cause I started using vinyl, then messed with CDJs but soon enough fell in love with MIDI, but its been an uphill battle proving that its a legit form of DJing/performing.”

*Random* do your tracks have names/ do you produce your own music: “I do produce music, yes. Only one track is currently available for public listening though”

Where can one find your music, any free downloads?: http://soundcloud.com/djanimus/microline-coin-operated-j-mouse-dark-edit



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